Monday, May 27, 2013

Frost Protection in May?

Believe it or not, on Friday we had a frost warning here in Southeastern Michigan. We have lettuce, radishes, cucumbers, tomato plants, squash and zucchini growing very well. We have some in above ground beds and others in Earthboxes.

While watching the news on Friday afternoon, I was surprised to hear the frost warning.
Linda and I scrambled to find some suitable items to protect the Earthboxes.
We settled on a few sheets and a cardboard box leftover from a recent patio umbrella purchase.

There are two Earthboxes hiding under the table that is draped with a sheet.
The folding table and sheet technique worked very well.

The rabbits were getting into our veggies, so we added the fence.
The sheet is draped over two blackberry bushes and provided good protection
for lettuce and a lot of baby Swisschard that is starting to produce very well.

I don't think we ended up with frost in the end, but last year we lost a lot of veggies with frost on May 15th. Frost on May 24th (Memorial Day Weekend) would have been a big bummer, but we were prepared just in case.