Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Commercial Aquaponics Business Plan

I am a subscriber to the commercial aquaponics newsletter published by Friendly Aquaponics.  A recent issue provided a detailed breakdown of the earnings possibilities provided when you couple an experienced business person with a powerful low input - high output business model: aquaponics farming. Based on the actual results of an aquaponics operator using the Friendly Aquaponics system, one of their most successful students is earning a six figure income with aquaponics. From the newsletter:
Based on our experience, these [expenses] should  average $12,400-25,500 a year for a farm of his size, leaving him with a $121,500-134,500 net profit.
Their student is generating 75 cents per net pot hole, which equates to roughly $2,000 - $3,000 per week in his system. As in most endeavors, profitability increases with size and volume. It also helps that their student has performed a large part of the labor and maintenance without needing to hire it done during the start-up stages.


  1. Looks like modern math to me. Maybe you ought to check your 0's and points (.).

  2. Anonymous,

    I added the word "expenses" to the quote to help clarify. You can read their entire newsletter at the following link: http://tinyurl.com/c6d568d